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Balanced & Fit

John J. Doumar
A.C.S.M. & N.S.C.A. Certified

Providing Health & Wellness Through Exercise, Education, and Inspiration

Your Success is My Goal

Our bodies are a product of everything we eat, drink, put on our skin, and breathe in. This is why nutrition and good food choices are a passion of mine. I enjoy working with my clients to assist them in changing their eating habits, resulting in a healthier lifestyle. 

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Our Classes

Introducing Balanced & Fit

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

We are providing health and wellness through exercise, education, & inspiration. 


  • One-on-One Personal Training in the Comfort of Your Own Home

  • Gentle Approach 

  • Improves Balance & Flexibility 

  • Nutrition & Health Risk Appraisal 

  • Support & Results Guaranteed 


I enjoy sharing my knowledge of food and nutrition with clients and referring them to nutritionists that are consistent with my beliefs.

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Hi, I’m John

A.C.S.M. & N.S.C.A. Certified

I have been a personal trainer and wellness consultant in South Florida for over 30 years; I am passionate about what I do. I am continuously studying the human anatomy and psychology of what motivates people to achieve optimal results for each and every unique individual.


I have worked with numerous types of people ranging from professional athletes, weekend warriors, and men and women of all ages. Nutrition and eating habits are the most important part of this process. I encourage my clients and aid them in setting healthy and realistic goals. The second most important part of good health is Cardiovascular, Flexibility, Resistance, and balance training. I provide more of a concierge service to clients with special needs such as an extension of Cardiac rehabilitation, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and those with disabilities and elderly needs.  I am excited to help you begin your journey to good health!

Robert K. 

"I had high blood pressure, high cholesteroland the beginnings of diabetes. Thanks to John, I have lost 70 lbs so far and most of my medical problems have resolved or are resolving!"

Taylor N.

"John helped me really understand workouts that were right for me and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

Marcell N.

“I tried several trainers throughout the years and was never satisfied. John took the time to customize my workouts and is also very knowledgeable with nutrition!”

Balanced & Fit 
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